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"Proceedings of DSPU" journal comprising three separate series ("Psychological and Pedagogical Science", "Natural and Exact Science", "Social and Humanitarian Science") is included into the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals and editions of Higher Attestation Commission, which should publish the main scientific results of dissertations for a scientific degree. The publication is created by the decision of the Academic Council from 31.05.07 (protocol # 10) to ensure the international priority of lecturers’, employees’, doctoral students’, postgraduates’ scientific works. The journal is a peer-reviewed publication with the periodicity of once a quarter. Unlike collections of articles our publication has a fixed number of pages, format and even the weight, so the number of articles in the issue is determined by volume. Articles are published in the order after the reviewing, which is "tough", according to international rules. The journal reflects the most interesting results of scientific research in the field of Pedagogy and Psychology, Theory and Methods of Education, Philology, Physics, Mathematics, Informatics, Geography, Chemistry, Economics, etc. Magomed Imranovich Abdulaev, the rector of DSPU, doctor of Juridical Science, professor is a chief editor of the journal.

 "Proceedings of DSPU" journal series have international ISSN numbers. Federal copies of publications are distributed through Russian Book Chamber to Russian State Library and other central libraries, to research and information organizations of Russia according to the list approved by the RF Government decree. The journal is registered in the media by the Federal service on supervision in sphere of communications and mass media. The editorial staff obtained the registration certificate for each series,  made a contract with Russian Scientific Electronic Library (RSEL) on placing the full-text versions of the journal to the open admission. "Proceedings of DSPU" publication is a permanent participant of the "Russian Science Citation Index” project. The RSCI system regularly presents the information on the articles published in the prescribed form. The system of electronic on-line supply of articles is introduced. The authors of the magazine can define their citation index in Russian scientific journals, and the journal – its impact factor, which currently stands for 0.162. "Proceedings of DSPU" journal provides its authors with a good opportunity to integrate their new fundamental results with the modern international scientific and information space.